Relaxing Pleasure

The Dockside Cottages Bed & Breakfast is relocating!

Moving  OFF of The Mountain!!!

Although we own several cottages at this location which are closed for operation at this address, we are establishing the cottages in a new nearby location!

It was a decision that we made for the well-being of our guests.  We could no longer invite guests to stay in an area that no longer felt safe and where the surroundings were deteriorating to such a horrific degree.  Having no ownership of the land itself or other surrounding structures, we had no ability to control the surroundings or the activities that occurred around our cottages and restaurant.  The roads had become so deteriorated that we felt it was no longer safe to encourage our guests to walk them, nor did we feel that we could safely transport guests up and down the hill on the golf cart. Deteriorating buildings and run down eyesores have been what seems an invitation to vagrants and others who started moving to the buildings surrounding The Dockside Cottages to live as permanent residents – a violation of the zoning laws for First Monday Trade Days.  Additionally, the management company that owns the land/lots which we rented as commercial tenants – even though we own the buildings – filed for bankruptcy and have managed the business of the overall property in such a manner that the grounds have been listed on foreclosure so many times, we no longer felt there would be a long-term ability to operate there under those conditions.  And the very worst of it all is that after four or five big fires on the property with 90+ buildings burned and the loss of two lives, we simply could not feel safe there any longer.

Looking to the Bright Future of The Dockside Cottages

The new location is just a few miles away and development is underway!  The property is in a wonderful location with beautiful big oak, pecan, cedar and other mature trees.  During the clearing of underbrush in areas of the property, we’ve even discovered 43 new baby oak trees!  The skies are vast and the beautiful illumination of stars at night is worth staying up late to enjoy!  We look forward to sharing this new and exciting adventure with our many wonderful guests and friends and all who have become our “Family”!

Stay tuned to our website for updates, as we anticipate the reopening in late 2023.

We’ll have the same name, but a whole new look .  .  . Expect to enjoy more luxurious cottages with a modern farmhouse vibe!

The Dockside Cottages overlook



Enjoy & Remember Great Times With Us