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Thanks for stopping in today to catch my very first blog EVER!

Who knew it would all lead to this?

This one will be short and sweet today.

As we start this little journey together, It’’ll probably be a lot more meaningful to both of us if I have your input along the way.

Let’s start with something that may seem simple, but is actually quite complicated . . . a name for the blog.

If you have any suggestions, “I’’m all ears”, as we say in Texas.

As for the content of the blog, I plan to begin with a brushstroke story of how (and why) we came to be here on this place called The Mountain in Canton, Texas in the first place.

From there, I guess we will meander through a little history of The Mountain.

And, ultimately, I’’d like to share some things I’’ve learned about being in the hospitality industry for most of my life . . . including tidbits and tricks of the trade.

So, if you have any suggestions for a blog name, please click here to send a message.

I’’ll share them all on the next blog and we’’ll all decide together!

At your Service,


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