Who knew it would all lead to this?

This one will be short and sweet today.

As we start this little journey together, It’’ll probably be a lot more meaningful to both of us if I have your input along the way.

Let’s start with something that may seem simple, but is actually quite complicated . . . a name for the blog.

If you have any suggestions, “I’’m all ears”, as we say in Texas.

As for the content of the blog, I plan to begin with a brushstroke story of how (and why) we came to be here on this place called The Mountain in Canton, Texas in the first place.

From there, I guess we will meander through a little history of The Mountain.

And, ultimately, I’’d like to share some things I’’ve learned about being in the hospitality industry for most of my life . . . including tidbits and tricks of the trade.

So, if you have any suggestions for a blog name, please click here to send a message.

I’’ll share them all on the next blog and we’’ll all decide together!

At your Service,