The Official Free Mountain Taxi

Any time you’re visiting the First Monday Trade Days grounds at Old Mill Marketplace, you can hop on The Official Free Mountain Golf Cart Taxi.

Dedicated driver Glenn – aka “GDog” – will take good care of you!

Don’t be fooled by his grizzly “Mountain Man” appearance… He’s a big Teddy Bear with a gentle and friendly manner.  He’s helpful, informative, as courteous as they come, and is always eager to help.

Along the way to your drop off point, “GDog” can answer your questions, provide information about “What’s Happening” and point out the shops and businesses along the way that might have what you’re looking for.

This service is provided complimentary to anyone visiting the grounds, from 7AM – midnight Thursday – Sunday of Trade Days weekends and can take you to any location on the grounds of Old Mill Marketplace.

“GDog” works only for tips during the Trade Days Weekends.  If he’s provided the service we describe here, please offer him a cash tip.

Just give him a call at 713-775-1620