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The Dockside Cottages – Administrative Staff

“Come Drop Anchor for a Getaway on The Mountain!”

Drop anchor on The Mountain?  Sounds pretty “far-fetched”, right?  Well, if you are one of the quirky owners of this retreat on The Mountain, and have a vision of creating an environment for your guests that has a Northeast Coastal Cool Cottage Vibe, then it’s really not.

Kelly Chastain and Edward Vargas are bringing a unique, yet still relaxed, face to The Mountain in Canton, Texas.

Amidst the western, rustic and farmhouse style buildings, they’ve set their sails high and are turning each of the cottages in The Dockside Cottages buildings into the kind of storybook versions of east coast bed and breakfasts, one building at a time.

Kelly Jhan Chastain

Kelly, an admitted “Air Force Brat” and former Hotel and Restaurant Interior Designer, with an additional 9+ years of National Conference Sales in the Hotel Industry, finds that “hospitality” isn’t just a word.  It’s a mentality…a way of being…and a genuine part of her that is made for giving.

Her many years of Private Event Venue Management experience in Houston, Texas, also provide a backdrop for hosting your events in the new Boot Hill Entertainment and Private Event Venue, now open on The Mountain just 30 steps from The Dockside Hideaway.

Setting the benchmark for hospitality, Kelly warmly welcomes you to “Come Drop Anchor for a Getaway on The Mountain!”

Edward Vargas

Edward, the team’s “Mr. Fix It”, says he has been “in construction” starting the day his grandfather passed him a hammer at the ripe age of four.

Professionally, Edward has built everything from extravagant movie sets for Paramount Pictures over a 16 year career, and more recently, spent another 8+ years managing construction teams and projects while building hospitals for Medco Construction, a premier Hospital Construction Company.

Edward is our Builder, Remodeler, Repair Expert and yes, … our beloved OEM.

(You’ll have to ask Edward what OEM stands for!)


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