Along with The Dockside Cottages, Boot Hill is in the process of relocating!

The new location, just a few miles north of town, is a lovely setting on a gradually sloping hill, with beautiful trees and stunning sunsets!

The new venue will have many of the same features including indoor and outdoor seating with better dance floor space, generous portions of hand-crafted fare, the best hospitality in East Texas, and even better outdoor areas both covered and open, with  built in fireplace, all just steps from the new cottages.


Guests and visitors, friends and family are asking why we are relocating.  It really came down to safety, but other factors influenced this decision which was long overdue.  Since we had no control over the property surrounding the buildings we own, at the former location on The Mountain at Old Mill Marketplace in Canton, we were unable to ensure the safety of our guests at that location any longer, and no longer felt safe there ourselves.  We should have relocated after the first or second fire on The Mountain, and tried for several years to sell the buildings.  But it became clear after the fourth (yes, fourth) fire in which two deaths occurred at another B & B on the property that it was time to go!  As the management and owners of the grounds at Old Mill Marketplace took the property into bankruptcy, the roads continued to deteriorate.  Inadequate roadway lighting leading up the hill to Boot Hill made the surroundings feel even more unsafe.  Other illegal activities seemed to occur almost daily.  So, we were left with no other alternative but to relocate.


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